Heard about Ninja?

Voicemail Broadcasting is here in Australia.

If you would like a demonstration of how Ninja Message works use our contact form HERE and we will send you an example.

With Ninja you can keep in personal contact with as many people as you want.

  • Use it to launch your new product
  • Make that special offer
  • Data mine a large database to gauge interest.
  • Membership Drive


Listen to some examples.



Send to a Database.


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The applications for a Ninja Message are as wide as the calls you make to a mobile.

Two things are true about modern communication

  • The way in which we communicate with our clients is getting less personal each day. In some cases very automated.
  • Your customers want personal contact if they are to feel valued.

With Ninja you can have the best of both words. A personal touch through a broadcasting service.

Let's look at an example. If your dentist sent you a reminder sms that you hadn't had a clean in 12 months how many of us would respond and make an appointment. On the other hand if your dentist personally called you and through that message expressed concern that you hadn't had a clean for twelve months how likely would you be to make an appointment then. Most likely if you thought your dentist actually called you, you would be MORE likely to book. Why? The SMS isn't that personal, a personal call however is.

We have seen Ninja Message used in a lot of different ways and we would be happy to help you design a campaign for your business. To get help use the contact form HERE and we will contact you promptly.

Order Your Ninja's

You can order you Ninja’s online, from your smartphone or tablet.

In preparation to order you will need the following.

  • A recorded message (we support most formats).
  • The numbers or a .csv file containing the numbers.
  • Payment method. (Paypal account or Credit Card via Paypal)

Once you have that organised use this ORDER NOW link and we will walk you through the process.

Third Party Integrations

Have an existing software you would like to integrate with us?

No problem.

We have a simple to use API(Application Program Interface) which allows for other software programs, like CRM's (Customer Relaitonship Management) to communicate with our system.

Each integration is slightly different so we will need to discuss with you your individual needs. Please contact us for further information.