RECORDING YOUR NINJA MESSAGE Divider-Line-Faded OVERVIEW How you go about recording your message is best determined by what you are trying to acheive in sending it. If you are sending a message to your clients to wish them a merry christmas you will use a different method to if you are sending out a message to drive a charity campaign. The trick is to make the message authentic for the purpose it is being used. The following examples will help shed some light on which method to use. Divider-Line-Faded SMALL BUSINESS If you are a sole trader or small business then you are most likely going to want the message to sound like it has come from you personally, like you had made the mobile call yourself. The best way to acheive this is to use the built in voice recorder found on your mobile or smart device. Use the device the same as you would if you where making a call when you are recording, in this way it will be of similiar quality to a call. Once you have done that, find it on your device and email it to yourself. You can then attach it to your email when placing an order. Divider-Line-Faded LARGE BUSINESS OR CHARITY For larger organisations you may wish to improve the quality of the sound recording for delivery. In larger organisations the message may not be coming from a person who the recipient has spoken with before so the emphasis becomes on the quality of the voice recording. You may have a marketing department who can take care of this for you. Alternatively let us know and we will work with you to get that done for you. More information about professional voice overs can be found at